Lippen training voor koperblazers (Dutch)
Lip training for brass players (English)
The complete lip training for trumpeters and other brass players.

Why this book? Now, I think its about time to tell every trumpeter and other brass players,
how to do his/her perfect warming-up. The trumpet is maybe the most difficult instrument in music.
Playing the trumpet is top sport and like every top sportsman it is also necessary for a trumpet player
to do a daily warming-up. How do I know? Well, it was a long life story.

As a retired musician I have had a long and a very varied life behind me.
Whatever I did, like working as a soloist, working in the studio, TV performances or teaching,
I always kept on practicing.
Only one thing, I never paid attention to a good warming-up.
Meanwhile I realized that I did it the wrong way to myself.
I should have done the warming-up 35 years ago, like I wrote in this book.

I could have saved myself a lot of trouble. But that's life.
I never had enough supervision during my study period when I was young and there was
never a person who told me the importance of a good warming-up.

In the meantime I know better. The condition of the lips is of great importance.
Its not like "you have it or you don't", no, you can really do something about it.
On November the first 2004 I started with this warming-up. Every day, seven days a week.
Very heavy in the begin but after one month I was capable to play anything there is to play.
To play lead trumpet in a big band is something I have no trouble with right now.

Something I could never do in my good old days.
Everything is clearly written in my book, because of the construction of the different exercises and the following order, it will give you an ideal effect. It took me from nothing until a perfect embouchure..!!


To obtain this great embouchure book you can write me a E-mail.
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the book will be send to your address.
The cost are € 25,00 incl. postage.

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