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Iedereen kan piano spelen (Dutch)
Everybody can play the piano (English)

Let me tell you that it is about time there will be a little book where everybody
can find out how to play good piano.
This method is ideal for instrumentalist and singers who have to know how a schedule
of a composition works and how to play the chords (analyze) for eventual improvisations.
It contents accompany a soloist or working as a entertainer-pianist (soloist).


I have putted the classic way of teaching next to me and focus myself to the people who
have a need to play as quick as possible the piano.
Like putting a repertoire together so he or she can work as a entertainer pianist etc.
People who have already experience with harmonic knowledge of chords and also
know the different scales can adjust themselves faster in my system.
Also reading a melody (one voice) is of course important.
The big secret is the way I teach my students how to read the symbols (chords)
who are standing above the melody of a song. In a later faze we will talk about improvisation.

Also ideal for singers (m.f.) who want to a comp themselves and for (instrumentalist)
who want to analyze and play there solo's first on piano before they try it on there instrument. Like this I always analyzed and played my solo's first on piano after I play them on my trumpet. This system I still use until today!

To obtain this fine piano book you can send me a E-mail. The costs of the book you can send to the Giro-account of Habiba-Music after witch the book + CD will be send to your address. The costs are € 25,00 incl. postage.
By obtaining the book every buyer will get a free CD of the Eddie Engels Big Band with solo's of trumpet-player Benny Bailey.

My email address is: trumpetboynr1@gmail.com
The account number of Habiba Music is NL47 INGB 0001707150


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