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Nederlands Jazz Archief
Archiefmateriaal m.b.t. jazz & improvisatiemuziek van 1919 tot heden

NPS (The Bands)
Dutch Jazzsite JazzFacts
Jazz in Motion Homepage

Michael Furstner's JAZCLASS
(classical music portal)
Lost/stolen brass instrument page

Een professionele muziek- en opnamestudio o.a. gespecialiseerd in jazz
Tel: 036 - 522 68 07 - Mobiel: 06 - 1756 4919

The Jazz Pages

Jazz Podia in the Netherlands (Jazzfacts)

Jazz in Belgium -
Best 100 Belgian sites '97, Best of Europe '98, webmaster of the year 2000, nominated
ZAMU music awards 2001, Hottest Sites (WorldHot).

Jazz in Brazil -
We have been releasing a site in Brazil with the spetiality of Jazz and
Instrumental music, where every day the informations have been up dated with interviews, CD lists, schedule of shows around the country and more !!

JAZZ in Italy -
Jazz Musicians in Italy

Jazz in Portugal

Jazz in Indonesia
Jazz in Indonesia


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Polytrax PolytraxMail to > Polytrax036 - 5227577 Fax 036 - 5226859
Opnamestudio (gespecialiseerd in jazz)

Full HousePolytraxMail to > Full House033 - 4550230 of 033 - 4651472

The Jazz-Institut Darmstadt (largest European archive on jazz)
The Old Times Big-Band
The Hammond Jazz
The International Archives for the Jazz Organ
FREE Electronic Directory of Talent
Jazz, Worldmusic and more - (Online-magazine and Website)
The Pete Cater Big Band - (Big Band United Kingdom)
Vocalisten Site Nederland (Semi-professioneel)
De Boerderij (Zoetermeer)

The Skymasters Site

Nederlandse Vocalisten Site

  • Conservatories in the Nederlands

.Alkmaar: Conservatorium Alkmaar....
Conservatorium van Amsterdam
.Arnhem: Conservatorium Arnhem
.Enschede: Conservatorium Enschede
.Groningen: Noord-Nederlands Conservatorium
.Rotterdam: Rotterdams Conservatorium
.Maastricht: Conservatorium Maastricht, zie ook:
.Zuid-Nederlandse Hogeschool voor Muziek
.Tilburg: Brabants Conservatorium, zie ook:
.Zuid-Nederlandse Hogeschool voor Muziek.

.Utrecht: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, afdeling muziek
.Zwolle: Hogeschool Constantijn Huygens faculteit muziek

  • Trombone Links

  • Alto Trombone Home Page - A comprehensive look at the alto trombone, including position charts for alto trombones pitched
    in E-flat and F.
  • Anths Trombone Page
    Links, message board, and humor.
  • Brad Howland's Home Page. - Lassus Publications: brass ensemble music. Brass performance articles: tips on playing trombone and other brass instruments. Howland Tax Services: income tax tips for musicians.
  • Commander Trombone's Jazz Site - Trombone and jazz news,
    CD reviews, webring, and links.
  • Crane Trombone Studio - The Crane Trombone Studio Site features member and alumni info, photos, and links to music resources from around the globe.
  • Directory of Women Trombonists - Alphabetical listing of professional female trombonists and e-mail links.
  • Linda's Trombone Shrine - Personal sight with links, pictures.
  • Russ' Trombone Resource - A good site for beginners or those interested in learning about the trombone. Tells about unusual trombones and trombone basics.
  • Sackbut Links - A large collection of links to trombone sites.
  • Stacy's Trombone Site - Links to orchestras, summer festivals, music schools, and brass ensembles. Trombone news, contact information, audition lists and frequency charts, serial numbers, and downloads.
  • T-Bone World - Links, pictures, MIDI files, and humor.
  • Tbonegirl's Home Page - Personal information, life at Ohio State University, and trombone links.
  • The Nick Hudson Trombone Web Site - Articles on trombone study; solo releases; editorials.
  • The Pantheon of Jazz Trombonists - A celebration of the lives
    and artistic achievements of some of the greatest masters of
    the trombone.
  • The Trombone Home Page - A vast collection of information and links on all aspects of the trombone.
  • The Trombone Webring - Information about joining, and a list
    of webring sites.
  • The Trombonist Online - The online magazine of the British Trombone Society. The site contains features, articles, interviews, reviews, a calendar of events in the UK and the membership e-mail directory. Facilities to join the Society are available as well.
  • Tremper Trombone Homepage - History, member biographies, pictures, quotes, and links.
  • Trombone Club Online - Discussion for trombone players, chat, articles, tips, profiles, and links.
  • Trombone History - History of all different types of trombones.
    In English and French.
  • Trombone Page of the World - More than 4000 trombonists listed on this site with links - e-mail, phone, biography, university, orchestra, jazz clubs, Dutch Musicians, jazz labels, and bass trombonist René Laanen.
  • Trombone Quartet Arrangements - Arrangements of Russian marches for trombone quartet. Requires Sibelius plug-in.
  • Trombone Samurai - Original online comic, personal information, and links.
  • Trombonelessons.com - Interactice trombone lessons offered for a fee by Tom Gibson via the Internet.
  • Trombonology - Trombone Resources - Trombone articles, trombone pictures, trombone jokes, trombone recordings, and trombone links. An in depth resource of trombone information. Web site of Keven Stewart.
  • US Army's Eastern Trombone Workshop - Workshop highlights, directions, and solo competition information.
  • Trombone-L List - Introduction to the e-mail list, information on the archives, netiquette, and administration details.

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