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The images and materials on the entire website of www.jazzmasters.nl/josknaepen/ are under copyright!

Mainly the photographs have been made available for those searching for good quality pictures of jazz musicians, research, teaching, and private study. Enjoy these brilliant photographs of some of the greatest jazz musicians of today. You may reproduce (print, make photocopies, or download) materials from this website for these purposes without prior permission on the condition that you properly cite the source in all copies.

For other uses of materials from www.jazzmasters.nl/josknaepen/ (for example, commercial products, publication, broadcast, mirroring, reuse on a website, or anything else that does not fall under "fair use") we require that you contact the owner of the copyrights (which is Jos L. Knaepen) in advance for permission to reproduce the materials. Contact information is given below. If requesting permission to use materials from my site please be prepared to refer specifically to the information you intend to use.

René Laanen